RDR Estates is a RICS Registered Valuer and so is licensed to offer the following valuation types:

  • RICS Red Book Valuation
      This is the over-arching standard for all of the valuation services we offer. A Red Book RICS Valuation is a offered by RDR Estates as our partner is professionally trained and qualified to adhere to Global Standards which contain mandatory rules, best practice guidance and related commentary for all members undertaking asset valuations. The Red Book is issued by RICS as part of their commitment to promote and support high standards in valuation delivery worldwide. These valuations are accepted by government, courts, financial institutions and solicitors as being of a standard that can be depended upon.
  • Probate/Inheritance Tax Valuation
      A Probate Value has been obtained in a way acceptable to HMRC for establishing what inheritance tax is due. Market value is often a broader estimate gained by reference to other sales of similar property or possessions. Often the market value is fine and is a true indication of what that item is worth.
  • Residential Rental Valuation
      A market rent valuation will provide a professional opinion of rental value for a property taking into consideration a number of factors, including comparing rental rates being paid for similar properties in the same area in the same condition.
  • Help to Buy Valuation
      A Help to Buy Valuation is used for assessing the value of a property bought with the help-to-buy scheme. With an independent RICS registered valuer, the valuation is needed when you are looking to repay the Government backed loan, remortgage or sell the property.
  • Affordable Sale or Rent Valuation (Section 106 Valuation)
      The Section 106 Agreement attached to your property will normally provide the information you need to sell your house, including; obtaining a valuation, stating the maximum percentage of the market value you are able to advertise and sell your home. It is the norm now that in order to ensure the value of the property is a fair market value that is must be provided by a RICS Registered Valuer.
  • Planning Financial Viability Valuation
      The most common uses for financial viability valuations are for development management (including affordable housing, enabling development, land use, Section 106 Agreement planning obligations) and plan making (policy and CIL viability testing).
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