We provide Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Find out about EPCs below.

We also provide improvement recommendation reports – this involves:

Undertaking an energy assessment of the property (see more below).

Providing a recommendation report for improvements, enabling clients to make informed choices about what to install and the implications of doing so on the EPC prior to investment.

We assist landlords looking to achieve Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) on their rental properties to remain compliant.

See an example here: Improvement recommendation report (elmhurstenergy.co.uk)

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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are crucial documents for property owners, offering insights into a property’s energy efficiency and environmental impact. Our understanding of EPCs and the broader scope of energy improvement reports can profoundly benefit homeowners seeking cost savings, enhanced comfort, and a reduced carbon footprint.

An EPC provides an assessment of a property’s energy efficiency on a scale from A to G, with ‘A’ being the most efficient and ‘G’ the least. This assessment considers various factors within the property, including insulation, heating systems, lighting, and more. EPCs are legally required when a property is built, sold, or rented out, and serve as a benchmark for its energy performance.

Understanding the significance of EPCs goes beyond compliance—it’s about seizing opportunities for cost savings and contributing to a sustainable future. By implementing the suggested improvements, homeowners can experience reduced energy bills, increased comfort levels, and potentially higher property values due to enhanced market appeal.

Having an EPC readily available is necessary when selling or renting out a property. Prospective buyers or tenants will need to know a property’s EPC rating as it indicates the level of energy efficiency. A higher rating can attract more interest, demonstrating that the property is cost-effective to run and environmentally conscious.

The energy improvement reports we provide are invaluable tools for owners looking to enhance their property’s energy efficiency (thus value), reduce utility bills, and contribute positively to the environment. These reports provide comprehensive insights into a house’s energy consumption patterns, identify areas for improvement, and offer tailored recommendations for enhancements. Having a report can empower owners to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward a more energy-efficient and valuable property.

Our energy improvement reports offer a detailed analysis of a property’s energy usage. By examining factors like heating, cooling, lighting, and appliances, these reports outline where energy is being consumed excessively. This breakdown helps owners prioritize areas for improvement and allocate resources effectively.

These reports often include recommendations for upgrades and modifications tailored to the specific needs of the home. Whether it’s replacing outdated appliances with energy-efficient models, improving insulation, sealing air leaks, or installing smart thermostats, these suggestions can significantly reduce energy consumption and utility costs while enhancing overall comfort.

We will help you assess whether improvements are a cost-effective move for you, balancing up-front costs against increased value and/or savings on energy costs in future. This report can serve as evidence of a home’s efficiency, potentially attracting more buyers and boosting the property’s resale value.

Importantly, energy-efficient homes contribute to environmental conservation by reducing carbon footprint and energy waste. By consuming less energy, houses indirectly lower greenhouse gas emissions, helping combat climate change and promote a sustainable future. In today’s eco-conscious market, potential buyers are increasingly drawn to energy-efficient homes due to their lower operating costs and environmental benefits.